There are a lot of worthy voices in the community asking for your donations.  It’s likely you already contribute to some. You may be wondering why add STARBASE Goodfellow to your charitable giving? While STARBASE receives federal funding, we rely on private donations to make our program fully operational and to continually improve our offerings. This balanced combination of federal and private dollars allows us to bring the best opportunity to current and future participating students.

Why donate?

  • Your donation to STARBASE Goodfellow ensures that our school year program remains high quality and free.

  • Your donation helps put new technology into our classrooms and into the hands of the children in the San Angelo and surrounding area.

  • Your donation supports our mission to provide quality STEM experiences to the children in the San Angelo and surround area.

  • Your donation allows our instructor team to stay current on educational best practices through expanded professional development opportunities.

  • Your donation helps to ensure we can provide free summer academies.

  • Your donation helps us to develop STARBASE 2.0, an after-school 6-8 STEM program.

If you would like to donate supplies:

  • #2 pencils

  • Printer paper, white

  • Card Stock, white

  • Polymaker PolyLite 3D Printer Filament, use yellow the most, but any color will work, 1.75, 1 kg

  • Blue shop paper towels

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Split key rings, 25 mm

  • Crayola washable markers, classic colors

  • Hot glue sticks, regular size

  • Ziploc sandwich bags, ones with green tabs work well

  • Salt, table

  • Marshmallows, regular size

  • AA batteries

  • 7-10 gallon trash bags

  • Lunchables for students who forget their lunches

Supply donations can be dropped off at our STARBASE location, 221 Texan Street, Bldg. 901 on Goodfellow AFB or at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, 1 Love Street, San Angelo, TX.  If dropped off at SAMFA, please indicate that it is for STARBASE.  If you place an order online and want it delivered, please deliver to SAMFA, c/o STARBASE, 1 Love Street, San Angelo, TX 76903. 

STARBASE Goodfellow operates under the non-profit of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. If you would like to make a donation, please click the PayPal link below and specify STARBASE Goodfellow or you can mail a check to San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts c/o STARBASE Goodfellow and put STARBASE in the memo line. STARBASE is grateful of any donation you would like to make. Thank you.