How much does it cost to attend STARBASE Goodfellow?

There is no cost.  STARBASE is a Department of Defense Youth program and is primarialy funded by the Federal Government.  In addition to this funding, donations are always welcomed.  The school district is responsible for transportation to and from Goodfellow AFB and make sure a vehicle remains on base while students are attending. 

What grade levels can attend?

Our curriculum is specifically designed for fifth grade students.  During the academic year we serve fifth graders in the local area.  However, during the summer we will offer two different programs that is open to more age ranges.  (Please see Programs for more information)

How does my school get to attend STARBASE Goodfellow?

Our program is mainly geared toward Title I schools.  This year we were able to service all SAISD 5th graders and the San Angelo area Private Schools (during Public School testing weeks).  In 2018-19, we already have Christoval, TLCA, SAISD, Water Valley, Miles, Veribest, and local Private schools on the schedule.  Other schools in the surrounding area will be contacted as we determine our remaining number of sessions available.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information. 325-654-4746

How many days do students attend STARBASE?

Students attend STARBASE with their school for five days.  These five days are typically spread over five consecutive weeks. Students will attend from 9:00 - 2:00 each day for a total of 25 STEM hours of instruction.

Are there volunteer opportunities at STARBASE for community organizations or military personnel?

Yes, we offer a STEM Outreach program called STEM Career Guides.  People that have careers in STEM fields that would like to come talk to our students about their career, show demos, or even create and teach a lesson may do so.  During the students second day at STARBASE we like to introduce them to STEM careers that are around them everyday and what better way to do this than to invite people from our community and Goodfellow Air Force Base in to talk to the students.  Both the students and the presenters have benefited from this opportunity.  Find out more by going to our Volunteer tab.  You can also volunteer to help the students launch their rockets or even prepare materials for lessons. 

Do you offer summer programs?

Yes, please look under our Programs tab, for Summer Academies.

My child attended STARBASE with his/her 5th grade class. Which summer program do we sign up for?

You will need to sign up for one of the Discovery Academies.  These activities will be completely different from what they did when they attended with their 5th grade class.

Your child will be able to attended either the STARBASE Discovery Academy or the STEM Investigations Academy.


My child is was not here during 5th grade or was enrolled in a school that did not attend STARBASE, which summer program do we sign up for?

You will need to sign up for the STARBASE Discovery Academy.  Your child will be attending with their school during their 5th grade year and the STEM Investigations Academy is the same program we teach during the school year. 

My child will be in 5th grade next year at SAISD, TLCA, or a Private school.  What summer program do we sign up for?

Yes, since they have never attended a STARBASE program they may attend either the Discovery Academy or the STEM Investigations Academy.

My child is going into 7th or 8th grade this year, can they attend any of the summer academies?

When you register your child for one of the camps, you will be asked if you have base access or not.  You will then need to provide the full name, date of birth, and driver's license number for anyone over 16 that will be coming on base to drop your child off or pick them up.  We will submit this information to the Visitor Control Center and they will run a background check on everyone over 16.  On the first day of the academy, you will have to go to the Visitor Control Center off of Chadbourne Street and obtain your pass (please arrive early).  Tell them your name, that your child is attending STARBASE, have your driver's license and social security number ready.  Someone from STARBASE will also be at the Visitor Control Center on Day 1.  

I see that the program is held on Goodfellow Air Force Base, how to I drop my child off and pick them up if I do not have base access?

Carpooling is encouraged.  

If I do not have base access, can my child carpool with someone else that may have base access?

Did you have other questions?  Please contact us at or give us a call at 325-654-4740