We are having difficulty with the sign up for the July 23-26 Registration.  Please check back later or email us your child's name and we will let you know when the sight is up and running so you can submit the required information. 

FREE - STARBASE Goodfellow Summer Academies 2018

STARBASE Goodfellow is excited to offer its first summer of STARBASE Academies.  Students will be exposed to basic concepts of STEM and activities that vary from chemistry experiments, robotics, CAD design, and many other STEM related activities. There are no fees for our academies, but we do depend upon donations to fund our summer programs.  Please consider donating to support your student’s adventure. Donations can be made through our link on our website or contact the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.

WHO: Upcoming *5th grade, *6th grade, 7th, and 8th grade students

WHAT: There are two different types of summer academies, STEM Investigations Academy and STEM Discovery Academy (descriptions are below).  Students may only attend one academy.

STEM Investigations Academy is the exact same program we provide during the academic school year to 5th graders. Due to this, we would like to offer this academy to students who have not previously attended STARBASE and will not be attending with their class next year. This will be a 5 day (M-F, 9-2), 25 hour program. This program is open to incoming 5th graders *(students that are from outside the local area school districts - that will not attend STARBASE next year, students that are PCSing before the start of 2018-19 school year, or are homeschooled), 6th graders *(those who did not participate in STARBASE during the 2017-18 school year), and any incoming 7th or 8th grader. There will be two classes each day during this program.  One class is already reserved, but the other class is open to a max of 24 students.

STEM Discovery Academy will allow students who have already participated in the STARBASE program during the academic year and those new to STARBASE program a chance to explore other STEM activities.  This will be a four day program (M-Th, 9-2), for a total of 20 hours. Each session will have one class with a max of 24 students.

ACADEMY DATES: There will be two different summer academy programs offered.  The academies may have different restrictions regarding enrollment.  Be sure to pay attention to these restrictions when enrolling.

  • June 4 - 7, Monday - Thursday, STEM DISCOVERY Academy (24 spots) - Registration closed

  • June 18 - 21, Monday - Thursday, STEM DISCOVERY Academy (24 spots) - Registration closed

  • June 25 - 29, Monday - Friday, STEM INVESTIGATION Academy (24 spots) This is the same program offered during the school year. - Registration closed

  • July 9 - 13, Monday - Friday, STEM INVESTIGATION Academy (24 spots) This is the same program offered during the school year. - Registration closed

  • July 16 - 20, Monday - Friday, STEM INVESTIGATION Academy (24 spots) This is the same program offered during the school year.*

  • July 23 - 26, Monday - Thursday, STEM DISCOVERY Academy (24 spots) - Registration closed

* These academies have restrictions, open to upcoming 5th, 6th, and 7th graders who have not attended STARBASE already and who are not attending with their school next year. (As of now, SAISD and TLCA 5th graders are on the calendar for next school year) Restrictions are because the content for the STEM INVESTIGATIONS Academies are the same for students that have attended with their school already or will be attending with school next year. 

Option to attend with your Middle School: All three SAISD Middle Schools (Lee, Lincoln, and Glenn) are attending STARBASE STEM INVESTIGATION Academies during the summer.  They will provide transportation to and from their middle school each day. Contact the school secretary or the following people listed below for more information if you would like to take advantage of the school transportation. 

June 25 - 29 - Lee Middle School - Ms. Varela - devina.varela@saisd.org - School office # 325-947-3871

July 9 - 13 - Lincoln Middle School - Ms. Seale - stephanie.seale@saisd.org - School office # 325-659-3550

July 16 - 20 - Glenn Middle School - Ms. Crawford - kristin.crawford@saisd.org - School office # 325-947-3841

WHERE: STARBASE Goodfellow, 221 Texan Street, Building 901, Goodfellow AFB, TX 76908

From the South Gate (on Chadbourne): Proceed through the gate and show your pass or military ID, after going through the gate take your next left onto Valiant Street. Continue until you get to the end of the street. Continue straight into the large parking lot and go to your left to the end of the parking lot.  Park and walk across the street to Building 901 - STARBASE Goodfellow (has a porch around the building) and enter the side door facing the driveway.  

STARBASE Provides: All needed supplies.

Daily requirements of STARBASE students :

  • Lunch - You must pack a lunch daily.  Lunches will be stored in our air conditioned room, so you may want to pack them in a small lunch box with cooler packs (students will not have access to a microwave).  Please label all lunch bags with students name. You may also want to pack an additional water and afternoon snack for your child.  We do not have access to food on base, so please don’t forget to pack a lunch.  

  • Transportation - must provide transportation to/from Building 901 on Goodfellow AFB. Doors open at 8:30, Students are expected at STARBASE NLT 9:00 ready to start the day.

  • Class ends and students are available for pickup at 2:00 and must be picked up NLT 2:30

  • Drop off parking is available in the large parking lot directly in front of our building and the base theater.  Each child will need to be signed in and out of our program daily. If attending the Goodfellow AFB Youth Center before or after STARBASE Goodfellow, please note that in the comment section at the end of the registration and your child will be allowed to walk to and from the Youth Center on their own and sign themselves in and out.  The same will be allowed for students walking to and from your office on base. These students will be released immediately after the program ends at 2:00.

  • All adults dropping off or picking up students must have base access or submit information (Full name, Date of Birth, and Driver’s License No/State of Issue) for base access on the registration form.

  • Parents who do not have base access, will need to go by the Visitor Control Center at Goodfellow AFB Main Gate off of Chadbourne Street on the first day.  Please be aware that this may take a little time, make sure you have your driver’s license with you and know your social security number. They will run a background check and issue you a base pass to be able to drop off and pick you your child at STARBASE Goodfellow. You must have submitted your information to us on your registration form so you are on our Base Access List. We encourage carpooling.

How to Apply:

  • We will have online registration via our website

  • We will notify you via email of your acceptance.  Others will be put on a waiting list and notified of their status NLT two weeks before the start of the camp you have signed up for.