Ways to Volunteer



Rocket Launching Days

Students spend a total of five days at STARBASE Goodfellow.  During this time, they learn about Newton's Laws and get to build water bottle rockets.  What better way to see Newton's Laws than to launch your rocket.  On the students third day at STARBASE they watch the weather and hope they get to launch.  As the volunteers show up, they know they are going to launch.  Volunteers help our staff set up our launchers and they also learn about the STARBASE program.  Another vital part of STARBASE is to have the students interact with as many positive role models as we can.  Our volunteers get to talk to the students as they are setting up their rockets and learn about their hobbies and interest.  In kind, the students learn about the volunteers and their careers in just a short period of time.  Rocket launching day is always a great day, but our VOLUNTEERS make it even better. 

Upcoming Rocket Launching Days:

Nov 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, Dec 17, Jan 22, 23, 24, 25, Feb 13, Mar 4 ,5, 6, 7, 8, 18, April 10, 23, 24, 25, 26, May 15, 22

If interested in volunteering for Rocket Launching, submit the form below or contact us at 325-654-4740 or starbaseoffice@samfa.org

Volunteers can come by Bldg. 901 at 1300 to help set up launchers. Students will be coming our around 1315 to launch their rockets.

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Career Guide Presenter - STEM Outreach

The STARBASE Goodfellow 5th Grade Program is a 5-day educational program located at Goodfellow Air Force Base.  The curriculum is based on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) content areas.  It includes lots of hands-on experiments to foster students’ interest in these areas.  One of our goals is to encourage students to consider a career field in these areas.  That is why we like to invite individuals from Goodfellow AFB or the community who are willing to come and talk to a class about their career or share demos/hands-on activities with the students to spur their interest in your career. 

Available Career Guide Dates:

Feb 27, 28, Mar 1, 4, Apr 9, 15, 17, 18, May 14, 21

Most of our presenters talk to each group of students for 30 minutes. This allows us to have two presenters for each day. This gives the students exposure to two different STEM careers in one day. If you have a STEM career and would like to come talk to our students, please email us at starbaseoffice@samfa.org. We would love to have you volunteer and learn about our program as we learn about your career.

If interested in volunteering for STEM Career Guide, submit the form below or contact us at 325-654-4740 or starbaseoffice@samfa.org.  You can also click on the calendar link to see the dates available for STEM Career Guides.  



STARBASE 2.0 will be a new program that we will pilot this next school year in one of the local middle schools.  It is an afterschool STEM Club, that allows volunteers/mentors to come in and work with students that are interested in STEM. This program requires a minimun of 20 classroom/volunteer hours plus training.  Clubs would run for a semester with weekly meetings to meet for a minimum of 20 hours.  This program depends on volunteers to mentor the students through different STEM activities. 

At this time we are trying to see how many people we have interested in becoming a volunteer/mentor for this program.  If we do not have the volunteers, we will not be able to provide this program.  

If interested in volunteering for STARBASE 2.0, submit the form below or contact us at 325-654-4740 or starbaseoffice@samfa.org