DoD STARBASE programs are located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  There are currently four STARBASE programs located in Texas. STARBASE Houston at Ellington Field, STARBASE Austin at Camp Mabry, STARBASE Kelly at Lackland AFB, and STARBASE Goodfellow located on Goodfellow AFB.  Our STARBASE programs serve mainly 5th graders during the academic year for 25 hours of hands-on STEM learning.  Students arrive on Day 1 ready for one the longest field trips they will go on and leave ready to return on Day 2.  Everyday is full of new and exciting things to do and learn. We want the students to come to STARBASE with open minds and leave full of knowledge and willing to learn more.  We want to get them excited about what they can do when they get to middle school, high school, and after graduation. We expose the students to young people who are just starting their STEM careers in the military and also those that have been working in a STEM career for many years.  We take their knowledge and offer it to the students to help them find their way as they navigate their future. 

The STARBASE Goodfellow program is FREE.  Students only need to bring a sack lunch when they attend.  School districts need to provide transportation to and from the STARBASE program.  We host two classes at a time with a minimum of 20 and maximum of 32 students in each class.    

Schools are selected by STARBASE Goodfellow each year to attend.  We are hoping to be able to reach out to all schools in San Angelo and the surrounding areas.

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Our Curriculum overview


•Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

•Fluid Mechanics & Aerodynamics

Chemistry Sciences

•Building Blocks of Matter

•Physical & Chemical Changes

•Atmospheric Properties



•Navigation and Mapping


•Engineering Design Process (EDP)

•3-D Computer Aided Design (CAD)


•Numbers & Number Relationships



•Data Analysis

STEM Careers

•STEM Careers on Military Installations and our Community (STEM Career Guide Presentations) see volunteer page for more information

•Personal Investigations